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Corfu is known as the greenest of the Greek islands. That is why I wanted to go there, together with my wife, Gerhild. To the sea, of course, because I like to swim as far as I possibly can.

On the day before our flight to Corfu, the postman delivered the book “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic” by Osho, and I instantly began to read. It gave me the idea to accompany our three-week vacation, which Gerhild and I wanted to spend being exceptionally lazy, with lyric poetry and pieces of short prose.

In Petrití, I finished Osho's book, went on to a magazine about Buddhism in Austria, which I had found in the oratory on Vienna airport, and finally read a short crime novel from the guest library of our B&B, Égrypos. During the rest of our stay I barely read anything at all. I simply existed, and took a good look at what was happening inside and around me. This felt considerably medicinal to me.

At any time during the day or night, I was in a receptive state. Our time in Petrití, and the days shortly before and after, saw the creation of all in all 85 pieces, two thirds short prose and one third lyric poetry. I've put them in this book in chronological order, from August 30 to September 29, 2015: Nature observations, life experiences, ideological considerations, dream adventures, and mischief. I wish all readers much joy with them.


wedged between cars we drive

to the airport

air wedges meet us as we fly

to corfu

a wedge of wild geese

watches us as we go

It is the task of every human being to bring a bit of awareness into the world. This is only possible if they develop an awareness of their own.

Every facet of awareness needs to come alive.

It is not about defeating evil, it is about learning from every aspect of life, even the most twisted. It takes this sort of willingness to enable people to finally move closer to one another.

What I bring into the world is a call for diversity and autonomy in every human being, a call for every human being to recognize and realize the potential dormant within them, a call for every human being to be supported in this respect by the political and economical system.

What I bring into the world will not end with my death, for I am an eternal being.

| NOW the earthworms dance up through the red soil |

Happy in Petrití