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Werner Krotz (Author)
Angelika Rust (Translator)
Happy in Petrití
Impressions from a vacation on Corfu

5x8 inch, 100 pages

Paperback: 978-3-7323-8161-6

Hardcover: 978-3-7323-8162-3

e-Book:     978-3-7323-8163-0

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Paperback: €  8,55 / $ 7,99
Hardcover: € 17,11 / $ 15,99
e-Book:     €   3,56 / $ 4,22

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| NOW the earthworms dance up through the red soil |

When I turned 50 years old in 1991, an old friend of the family presented me with an empty notebook. The accompanying letter read, “May you keep your current creative power, and make notes of all your thoughts!”

That was the beginning of my literary diaries. To this day, they number 28. I've mainly jotted down lyric poetry, but also prose, experiences, and quotes. The contents of the book “Happy in Petrití” are part of Diary No. 28.

In the three weeks on Corfu, at any time during the day or night, I was in a receptive state. Our time in Petrití, and the days shortly before and after, saw the creation of all in all 85 pieces, two thirds short prose and one third lyric poetry. I've put them in this book in chronological order, from August 30 to  September 29, 2015: Nature observations, life experiences, ideological considerations, dream adventures, and mischief.